Friday, 8 April 2011

Decision @.@

MY 1st post =)
Actually i don't have any idea to write something and post in the blog >.< But i think this is the time and the only way to keep my memories, my feeling and my happiness =) or sadness =(..
I'm not the person that easily to express my feeling in front of many peoples, so somebody will mark me as COOL person, haha..i know somebody will not agree it lar, because I'm a SIAO PO for them *.*

Why i put " 1+1= You & Me " as the title of my blog ler? Answer = dunno =x
Recently, my dear always force me to make decision=.= I scare to make decision because i always make a wrong decision. Mentally or physically, i dunno what i want..I faced this problem since long long years ago~
After finishing SPM, i dunno what i'm going to do>.<
After finishing STPM, i dunno which UNI to choose and what course i'm going to take=.=
and Now, is hard for me to make a decision again for my future..what type of job??

I'm living for simple life =) I have a simple family, simple but wonderful life in sport field and uni life and now i wish to have a simple happy life with him.
Hand with Hand =)


  1. hahahahahahahaha...
    siao bo betul...
    guess siapa saya